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Maximo as a Service

Maximo as a Service [MaaS] is a hassle-free online solution. Simply put, you use Maximo as intended.

    • No Hardware

    • No Software

    • No Hassle

Features & Benefits of Maximo as a Service

Maximo as a Service On-Premise vs. Cloud Cost Comparison

How do I move my Maximo to the Projetech Cloud

Maximo as a Service Features & Benefits

The Feature

Listen to our CEO speak about each one!

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The Benefit

Known Costs

OpEx vs. CapEx

Intrusion Detection/Prevention

Military Grade Security

Connect from any device

Work from any location

Always current Maximo version

Eliminates Long Upgrade Cycles $

Immediate Availability

Increased time to value


On Premise to Cloud, Cloud to on Premise, Cloud to Cloud, Machine to Machine - IoT

Bring your own License or Not

Maximo as a Service - Flexible and Convenient

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Maximo licenses?

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our cloud.

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No Problem.

Connecting from
various devices

“It may come as a shock to some, but the reality is that most organizations do not have the means, tools, experience or staffing to establish the appropriate security controls. Cloud security has matured at a much faster rate the security of internal IT teams.” -Info-Tech Research Group, May 2016


Projetech's Maximo as a Service is a complete bundled Solution Stack wrapped around Maximo. Architected on IBM's SoftLayer Infrastructure and Data Centers.

Solution Includes:

  • Monitoring of Potential Threats
    • Intrusion detection and prevention
    • Event Tracker Log Management
  • Secure Connection
    • HTTPS Secure Communications
    • Secure VPN Connections for integrations
  • Proactive Performance Monitoring and Improvements
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • High standards Service Level Agreement with all Clients
  • Change Management policies for Infrastructure and Maximo updates and upgrades.

The solution to your Maximo

Personalized Support

• Collectively achieved over 40 IBM Maximo Certifications

• Around the clock support

• Speak to people, never a machine

• Collaborative team effort on large support requests

• Basic customizations covered under support

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• Never get behind on versions again

• Leverage latest functionality

• Continuously Upgraded

• Fastest time to value

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