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Maximo Upgrades

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Many organizations are faced with the threat of de-support of older software and hardware from their IT organization. In addition, IBM no longer provides product updates and support for many of the older versions of Maximo.

The latest version of Maximo uses modern service oriented architecture (SOA) web platforms and database technologies which provide easy access and navigation for users, as well as strong integration capabilities with third party applications such as back-end finance and accounting systems, HR, SCADA, fuel management, and others. IBM also offers numerous mobile and Maximo industry-specific solutions that were not available with earlier releases. For more detailed Maximo upgrade information, visit the Maximo Upgrade Toolkit and Resource Center.

Upgrade Package #1: Maximo 6 → 7

Take advantage of the latest functionality. Examples include:
  • Classifications: Classifications are made available to more objects, such as job plans; configuration items (CIs); service items; purchasing documents; and items.
  • Item Master: Adds significant functionality to items, such as the ability to give items a status, to govern them by business rules, and other features.
  • Linear Assets: New (linear assets are those assets defined by length such as highways, roads, pipelines, power lines, etc.) Creating Incidents, Work Orders, etc: Users can now create tickets and work orders from assets.

Upgrade Package #2: Maximo 5 7

Take advantage of the latest functionality. Examples include:
  • New functionality in Maximo 7 (see Maximo 6→7), and new features released in Maximo 6:
  • New front-end functionality: Inventory module updates; Work management updates; Job plan changes and impacts; New contract functionality; Enhancement to classifications; New service request functionality.
  • New technical enhancements: Logging of system messages and errors; Database configuration and user impacts; Security updates offering greater security control and flexibility; Conditional expression management.

Upgrade Package #3: Maximo  4 7

Take advantage of the latest functionality. Examples include:
  • New functionality in Maximo 6 and 7, and new features released in Maximo 5.
  • Maximo Dashboard: Allows users to monitor key business metrics, set and monitor operational goals, and take a strategic, enterprise-wide approach to asset management.
  • Maximo KPI Manager: Includes a range of pre-defined key performance indicators (KPIs) such as Mean Time to Fail, Actual-to-Plan Variance, and Preventive Maintenance (PM) Work Orders Overdue.
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For more technical information on Maximo as a Service, please see our Technical FAQ.