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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is Projetech’s Maximo training helpful? 
    Projetech’s Maximo training enables you to make the most of your technology investment in asset and facilities management and maintenance. You will learn how to use Maximo with the help of Maximo Certified instructors who have years of hands-on Maximo experience and in-depth knowledge of best practices and advanced techniques. Our instructors know how Maximo works most effectively for other companies, and they share those insights with you in our training classes. Your learning will be especially effective in our small classes, with an average class size of four to six students (and usually no more than eight). You will use up-to-date equipment specially configured for an optimal Maximo learning experience. 
    We also offer convenient online training options as well.  We have instructor-led classes via LiveMeeting, and we also have self-paced online classes that you can view independently. 

  2. What training courses do you offer?
    Projetech offers many Maximo training courses. Please see Projetech’s Training page on our web site for a complete list of courses 

  3. What types of Training do you offer (Classroom at client site, Classroom at Projetech, Web Based, etc.)?
    Projetech offers traditional classroom style training where the instructor provides hands-on exercises to the students. Classroom training can be delivered at the client’s site or at Projetech headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. We also can provide private dedicated training for people within the same organization.

    Instructor Led Online training is a cost-effective alternative to classroom-style as it keeps expenses to minimum, if any.

    Self-paced Online Learning provides the students with interactive videos and simulations of Maximo features and applications. These courses are accessed via a web site and a user login. Courses can be paid for via the web site. Students have 30 days from purchase to take these courses and can repeat them as many times as needed. Maximo as a Service Premier clients enjoy free access to this training library for all of their Maximo users.

  4. Where do Projetech’s Maximo training classes take place? 
    Most Maximo training classes can take place at Projetech headquarters, located in Cincinnati, Ohio or at an Instructor site. Projetech also conducts training classes at client sites.

  5. Does Projetech provide training at client sites? 
    A Projetech instructor will be happy to come to your site to teach any of the classes/workshops we offer, or to teach a class customized to your company’s specific needs. No matter what the class location, we recommend a student/instructor ratio of no more than ten to one, so that all students get the attention they need. For more information about training at your site, email 

  6. What do I receive when I sign up for Maximo training?
    For Self Paced Online Classes:
    If you apply via you will be directed to PayPal and can begin to view your class online. 

    For Dedicated Coaching or Training for your group:
    You will receive a Statement of Work which covers scope and details of training to be provided. 

  7. Will Projetech offer classes customized to my company’s needs? 
    Projetech offers customized classes using existing or new class material, depending on your specific requirements. Customized classes can be taught at Projetech offices or at your location, whichever you prefer. We will work with you to customize the syllabus and other materials as needed, schedule dates and locations, and provide anything else that may be necessary for a successful Maximo training experience. For more details, email 

  8. What training database will I use for training?
    Projetech will provide an out of the box training database for use during training.

  9. Are references available? 
    Yes. We pride ourselves on the quality of our classes and work very hard to keep improving. In fact, our satisfaction rating for students who complete Projetech Maximo courses is well above 90%. If you would like specific references, please send your request by email to or call us at (513) 481-4900 or (800) 611-2884. 

  10. Once I decide on dedicated training, when can I schedule my training date? Instructor availability will vary but standard scheduling time frame is 4-6 weeks after receipt of SOW and payment info.

  11. How much does each training option cost?
    Fees differ based on Maximo version.  Classroom-style training is $2,600 - $2,800 per day at a client site or Projetech location and for up to 10 students. Tailored coaching can be provided for up to 2 students per day for $1,875 - $2,075.

    Instructor-Led Online training is $2,100 - $2,300 per day depending on the number of students.

    Self-paced Online Learning ranges from $50 - $75 per course and $100- $200 per program.

  12. How can I sign up for classes? 
    To sign up for Maximo training classes email or call (513) 481-4900 between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. 
    To sign up for Online Maximo training classes, please visit and pay securely via PayPal. 

  13. What credit cards do you accept? 
    We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card and American Express. Note: For your security, please do not send credit card information via email. 

  14. Can I get a receipt for my training class charges? Yes, a receipt can be sent to you. Please provide the name and mailing address to which it should be sent. 

  15. What is your policy for class cancellations? A class may be postponed or canceled by Projetech at any time without notice for reasons beyond our control, such as instructor illness or low enrollment. While this seldom occurs, we make every effort to let you know about a cancellation well in advance, and we will work with you to reschedule. If you cancel your class enrollment more than five working days in advance of the class, no fee will be charged. A cancellation fee of 20 percent of the course fee will be charged for all cancellations made five working days or less prior to the start of the course. No-shows will be charged 100 percent of the course fee. In the event of an emergency, we will be happy to work with you to schedule an alternate date.

  16. How do I cancel my place in a class? 
    Send an email to or call (513) 481-4900 or (800) 611-2884 between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. 

  17. What qualifications do your Maximo instructors possess?
    All of our Maximo instructors are IBM Certified Maximo Deployment Professionals. Our instructors are also Maximo consultants and project managers who have a background in maintenance related fields.

  18. Will I be certified after taking a class or will I receive a certificate?
    Upon completion of course you will receive a course completion certificate.  IBM offers a Deployment Professional certification exam. Contact IBM for more information.

  19. Where are Projetech headquarters located? 
    We are located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Please see the Contact Us section for location.

  20. Does Projetech provide temporary staffing?  
    No, but we offer remote system administration.

  21. Who do I contact for help with billing, scheduling and other questions? An experienced Projetech team member will work closely with you on billing, scheduling and other training-related matters. Email to reach a team member, or call (513) 481-4900 or (800) 611-2884 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST.

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