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Self-Paced Online Maximo Learning (SPOL)     

Maximo Self-Paced Online Learning (SPOL) courses are recorded videos that present Maximo concepts and application functions. They are accessible from the Internet and you may take the courses at your own pace! SPOL courses are engaging and offer an element of interactivity. For each major topic in the course, you will be presented with the opportunity to perform the tasks that were taught in the lesson. Additionally, at the end of each course there is a knowledge review which will test your comprehension of each topic. You may complete the class as many times as you would like for up to 30 days from purchase.

To preview and purchase online classes, you can login to, or click enroll below.

For more information on the Instructor-Led Online Maximo Learning format, you may email our Training Manager at  You may also call direct at 513-578-6021.

If you have a course in mind that is not currently offered, you may also email us at to make a request for a tailored SPOL.
"“We use SPOL Basics for our new employees initial exposure to Maximo.  I think it is helpful to get an overview of the system prior to our more focused departmental training."- Hoosier Energy
Course Name Syllabus Price Enroll
Maximo 6 Basics $100
Maximo 7.1.1 Basics $100
Maximo 7.1.1 Maintenance Planning Applications $200
Maximo 7.1.1 Introduction to Work Order Applications $200
Maximo 7.1.1 Inventory Applications $200
Maximo 7.1.1 Asset Management Applications $200
Maximo 7.1.1 Purchasing Management $200
Maximo 7.5 Basics $100
Maximo 7.5 Maintenance Planning Applications $200
Maximo 7.5 Introduction to Work Order Applications $200
Maximo 7.5 Asset Management Applications $200
Maximo 7.5 Inventory Management Applications $200
Maximo 7.5 Purchasing Management $200
Maximo 7.6 Basics $100
Maximo Differences v 7.5 to 7.6 $50
Maximo 7.6 Work Orders $100
Maximo 7.6 Inventory $300
Maximo 7.6 Purchasing $200

Projetech can tailor a syllabus to meet your needs.

Video Demonstration of Self-Paced Online Maximo Learning

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