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MaaS Cloud Solutions from Projetech

MaaS can save you money

Maximo® as a Service (MaaS)

Our Low Cost Cloud Solution for Maximo

Access Maximo from just about anywhere, anytime with our Maximo as a Service offering     

  • Projetech can save you money
  • Maximo and Industry Experts
  • Providing MaaS for over 12 Years!
  • Free upgrade services available

Solution Benefits

  • Decrease cost and risk  
  • Increase asset reliability and life-expectancy
  • Improve visibility, control and automation of asset and work processes
  • Increase productivity
  • Manage regulatory compliance efforts
  • Reduce or eliminate the overhead costs of managing Maximo
  • Increase time-to-value  
  • No need to purchase software or hardware if new Maximo user
  • Existing Maximo users can realize significant cost-savings

Services Provided

  • Highly stable and secure Maximo environment
  • Accessed via a web browser
  • Fast and reliable Help Desk support
  • System administration support and upgrades
  • Development or Training sandbox separate from production*
  • Access to Maximo Self-Paced Online Learning Library for all users *
  • Discounted Maximo classroom training *
  • Systems integrations / data migration / mobile options (optional) Maintenance Request Web Portal (optional) 

Maximo Costs In-House vs. Maximo as a Service (MaaS)

Total Cost of Ownership and Potential Cost Savings - 5 year Projection pictured below.

Projetech's cost spreadsheet

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